Rexivel Sphynx Cats


 My name is Jackie Green and I have been breeding cats for over twenty five years, with the aid of my wonderful husband Trev. For the last seven years I have concentrated on Sphynx . I have been very fortunate to own, breed and show, some wonderful Sphynx with the help and support of my good friend Jeanette.

I  will not be breeding any Sphynx kittens  this year. 

  Infurno Promises Promises ( Deana )   gave  birth  to six  kittens on the 25th October, sired by  my wonderful stud Adecish Rexivel Tornado ( Flash ). Who sired the Sphynx kitten awarded  the BEST OF THE BEST at the Joint Rex/Sphynx show on 3rd November.

 The  six kittens  have  now all gone  to wonderful  homes.

 Below  is Rexivel Kronsteen ( Sméagol )  on  the 29th January, at Waverley  Station, Edinburgh,  meeting his  new owner Elsie.

 Look out  for three of  the kittens on the show  bench.            


 This photo  belowis Rexivel Mr Squashy, from my first Sphynx litter, now age seven, who is very happy to be joined by his new friend Rexivel Estella. May 2012 Thank you John and Bean for finding Mr Squashy in a rescue centre and giving him such a wonderful home.

Two very Happy Sphynx


Rexivel Tiny Tim with Miranda at the joint Camcat/ Bedford Show April 2012. Tiny Tim was awarded the Best of Breed at both shows.

My grandson Sam with Charnfield Cirrocco our neutered Devon rex who is nine years old

Infurno Bubbles De Vere (Bubbles).

Bubbles is now neutered after producing some beautiful Sphynx Kittens. Her daughter Rexivel Rosa Klebb is owned by Charlotte in Eire, she has had spectacular show career and has produced some wonderful kittens .